EastView Observatory







Takahashi Mewlon 210 - 2415 mm focal length Dall-Kirkham Cassagrain Telescope with Cassagrain micro-edge focuser. Specifications for Mewlon 210

Takahashi FS102-NSV - 820 mm focal length apochromatic refractor with micro-edge focuser. Specifications for FS102

Astro-Physics 900GTO German Equatorial Mount

Cameras - Aircooled Cookbook 245, Canon 10D, Canon Rebel XT, Imaging Source DMK 21AF04, Logitech QuickCam 4000

Software - CBWinCam for the Cookbooks, K3CCDTools, ImagesPlus 2.80a by Mike Unsold, IC_Capture from 1394imaging.com, The Sky 6.0, Starry Night Pro Plus, and Registax.

LHIRES III = Littrow HI REsolution Spectrograph. Lhires III is a Littrow type reflection spectrograph, allowing high-resolution spectra to be recorded on 6-8 magnitude stars with a 8"-16" telescope, and with a minimum of space and weight.

Spectrograph propotype - Custom design by me for use in undergraduate research at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Light passes through an optical slit and a 30mm f/2 achromat collimating lens and is reflected from a 1200-line-per-inch grating. The collimated light is focused by a 30mm f/3 achromat and the spectrum is recorded by an air-cooled Cookbook 245 CCD camera. Don't let the cardboard fool you. It works great!